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The Zone4 Business Setup Process

Through our rigorously tested process, we enable you to save time and resources when setting up your business in the UAE. We also provide partnerships with all government entities to ensure that your business starts off on the right foot. You can choose from Free Zone, Mainland, and Offshore companies set up with each location and license having its unique set of benefits. And because every business is different, we recommend that you speak to one of our business setup consultants to get a holistic understanding of what best suits your business needs.

Preparing Documents

It can be overwhelming to get all the paperwork in order if it’s your first time setting up a business in the UAE. However, we can help you through expert guidance and our team will handle all the complex documentation work on your behalf.

Business License

Choosing the right business license is the most crucial step when setting up a business in the UAE. This requires a comprehensive understanding of your business requirements and which business types require preapproval from specific authorities. Luckily, we know the ins and outs of what a business license requires.

Visa Process

To have employees working for you full time, they will need UAE residency, which can only be granted within a month of the employee’s entry into the UAE. We can assist you with all visa- related requirements and make the entire process seamless for you.

Corporate Bank Account Setup

For international companies, it can seem challenging to set up a corporate bank account when they’re expanding to the UAE. You need to consider many things before you can approach the chosen bank for account creation. We can help take care of it for you.

Choosing Abu Dhabi Mainland as the home base for your business is one of the best decisions you will make for your business. As the UAE’s capital, Abu Dhabi boasts exceptional infrastructure to support any kind of business in virtually every industry. The Emirate also has one of the fastest growing economies in the Middle East and has an abundance of economic opportunities rife for the taking. There are many advantages to forming your company in Abu Dhabi Mainland. These include longer trade license validity, quick renewals, lower taxes as well as business set up costs. Zone 4 experts take care of everything for you from start to finish including acquiring local sponsorship (where needed), and getting relevant registrations, approvals, and verifications, until your company is successfully registered and the license issued. Enjoy a seamless process by partnering with our expert advisors

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Advantages of setting up an Abu Dhabi Mainland Company :

Abu Dhabi Mainland Business Set up Costs

Want to determine the exact cost of starting an Abu Dhabi Mainland company? The initial investment depends on a variety of factors such as your company’s legal structure, number of visas required, type of commercial activity, and a few other factors.

As the leading financial center free zone strategically located in the heart of the capital city, the Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM) has rapidly grown to become one of the top financial centers in the world. Its business ecosystem, overseen by three independent authorities (the Registration Authority (RA), the Financial Services Regulatory Authority (FSRA) and ADGM Courts), operates in line with international best practices. ADGM is rapidly contributing to Abu Dhabi’s ambitious growth plans and offers one of the best business locations throughout the UAE. ADGM licenses cater to a wide array of business activities including private and investment banking, wealth management, brokerage, market infrastructure, securities, investment management, Fintech and nonfinancial activities such as tech companies, associations, family offices, and foundations.

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Setting up your business at ADGM

If you’re interested in registering a company with ADGM, it is best to seek out professional support to expedite the incorporation process. The company setup process usually takes no more than just a few days to complete.

The business setup steps include :

  • Consulting with Zone 4 business set up experts
  • Preparing relevant documents
  • Submitting the application
  • Choosing an office space
  • Initiating the visa process
  • Opening a bank account

Advantages of setting up a company in the Abu Dhabi Global Market :

ADGM offers a plethora of benefits for investors and business owners
These include :

Foreign businesses and investors can sometimes find it challenging to set up a business in ADGM due to the presence of three independent regulatory authorities in the financial free zone. The best way forward is to work with Zone 4 business setup advisors who can guide you with the selection of business activities, help you with one of the various business setup packages and understand licensing costs, and the costs associated with leasing out facilities. With over two decades of experience, our highly experienced advisors can help you save time and get started faster

Speak with our business setup advisors today to know more.

Are you looking to set up a company in Dubai? Then you can choose from one of the two options; establish a Mainland company or launch your business in a Free Zone. We can guide you on everything you need to know about forming a Dubai Mainland company, as well as the advantages of doing so. Depending on your business activity, you can retain 100% ownership of your company if you so wish, Now is the perfect time to set up a mainland company in Dubai. Licensed by the Department of Economic Development (DED), mainland companies are a favorite among the region’s growing business community and investors. This is due to the UAE government’s new company formation laws, flexible regulatory procedures, quick timelines, and swift approval processes. What’s more, expats can now also own 100% of their companies. And the best of all? A DED license allows you to work with government authorities with ease and have access to lucrative government contracts. You can also comfortably engage in trading activities across the UAE..

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Reap the many benefits of a Dubai Mainland Company, including :

Choosing the right location and license for your business can be a challenging task, albeit an important one. Setting up a business in any of the UAE free zones means you can access world- class business amenities and enviable benefits not found elsewhere. When it comes to selecting an office space, you can choose between a Flexi desk business setup or a freehold property depending on your requirements. The UAE offers a plethora of free zones across all of its emirates. Just pick the free zone of your choice and leave the rest in the safe hands of our expert business set up advisors. With us, a free zone company formation will take just 3-4 days. We offer everything from company registration to licensing, visa, PRO services, and more.

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Advantages of Setting up a Free Zone Business:

So what are you waiting for?

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Ras Al Khaimah Economic Zone

The Ras Al Khaimah Economic Zone, better known as RAKEZ, offers a variety of business setup services for entrepreneurs, start-ups, and SMEs that wish to establish their businesses in the UAE. Strategically located in Al Hamra Industrial Zone, it gives your business easy access to key markets in the UAE and the wider GCC region. With a vast area of over 10 square kilometres, it is one of the largest and most diverse free zones in the country.
With a business setup in RAKEZ, entrepreneurs and investors get to enjoy a one-stop-shop solution and partake in services that cover everything from the application and licensing to office space. With this economic zone, businesses are flourishing in over 50 industries while massively benefiting from a multi-cultural community. The economic zone aims to make establishing and running a business very easy in the UAE while complying with the country’s rules and regulations in full.
The Free Zone provides simple and efficient business setup solutions that help entrepreneurs save big on their resources. Its wide range of services are designed to simplify the process of setting up a business in the UAE, which is why RAKEZ has quickly become the leading go-to destination for business setup.

Benefits of a company setup in Ras Al Khaimah Economic Zone

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Sharjah Media City Free Zone

Sharjah Media City Free Zone, better known as Shams, was launched in 2017 to become a leading media and creative hub in the region. Shams is located in Sharjah, an emirate that is known for its culture and heritage. The Free Zone is created as a dynamic, forward-thinking, and integrated community for creative entrepreneurs in the various stages of their journey.

Covering a wide range of business activities, Shams offers great solutions for potential investors and business people in the UAE. The process for setting up a business in Shams remains the same as any other free zone in the emirate. Sharjah’s state-of-the-art infrastructure and business- friendly laws make it a great location to set up for all kinds of businesses.

From media businesses to freelancers, e-commerce and entrepreneurs, Shams offers licences for all types of services. But that’s not all. The Free Zone also offers a range of office complexes, Flexi-desks options, shared office spaces and other options to suit your needs.

There are several benefits to starting a business with Shams, including :

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Ajman Free Zone Offshore Company Setup

Although the Ajman Free Zone (AFZ) was established in 1988, its offshore company formation services started just a few years ago in 2014. Over the years, it has become a popular choice for businesses of all kinds, including offshore companies.

Ajman Free Zone offers a plethora of investment privileges to local and foreign business owners. Businesses can work within a wide range of industries including general trading, professional services, stakeholding, investment companies, advisory or consulting services, commission agents/ brokers, and others.

AFZ has played a pivotal role in the industrial developments in the Emirate of Ajman and strengthened several industries, including trade and the financial sector of the country. Ajman Free Zone continues to attract a huge number of new businesses each year.

There are several benefits to starting an offshore company in Ajman Free Zone, including :

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Jebel Ali Free Zone Authority (JAFZA)

Jebel Ali Free Zone Authority, better known as JAFZA, is one of the largest, and also the fastest growing free zones in the UAE. Situated between Dubai and Abu Dhabi, JAFZA was established in 1985 and is a key locality for setting up offshore companies. JAFZA is known for its exceptional infrastructure and world-class facilities.

For offshore companies registered in the Jebel Ali Free Zones, investors and business owners don’t always have residency visas. UAE offshore companies generally do not receive business licences, instead they receive a certificate of incorporation which allows them to conduct business inside the UAE.

An offshore company can rent and own properties locally and also open a local bank account. This enables businesses to have cost-effective and tax efficient presence with full access to a global market.

There are many benefits to opening a JAFZA offshore company including :

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Meydan Free Zone (MFZ)

Meydan Free Zone, also known as MFZ, is an award winning, 100% digital free zone, perfect for businesses active in the media, consultancy, trading, and commercial industries. Located at a premium venue inside the Meydan racecourse, business owners can work and network from any of Meydan’s golf and tennis clubs and spend their evenings enjoying a relaxed environment from the nearby spas and restaurants.

Starting a company at Meydan Free Zone allows businesses to get a jump start they need to compete in the global arena. Meydan Free Zone’s cost- effective licensing and other solutions make it ideal for all kinds of startups and businesses. It is also known for its top-rated telecommunications and high-speed internet connectivity.

MFZ offers a wide range of commercial developments, amusement services, hospitality, sports, and entertainment options, as well as a wide array of premium residential communities, making it the perfect place to work and live.

There are many advantages of setting up a company in Meydan Free Zone, including :

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Offshore Company formation

Offshore companies have a very distinct identity from free zone companies and the two should not be confused. An offshore company is set up so business can be conducted outside its home base or registered jurisdiction. The UAE has a Double Tax Treaty With many countries around the world which means offshore companies from these places will be exempt from duplicate taxation.

Offshore companies can easily open multi-currency accounts in the UAE. An offshore company can provide a gateway to international market expansion, access to a more flexible and mature regulatory system, enable business owners to enjoy a stable, more business-friendly legal system, and wider access to better funding opportunities, among its many other benefits.

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Dubai World Trade Centre Free Zone

Established more than 40 years ago, Dubai World Trade Centre now continues its legacy through the Dubai World Trade Centre (DWTC) Free Zone, which was initiated in 2015. Due to its prime location, DWTC is one of the most accessible free zones in Dubai. From commodities and retail outlets, to restaurants, salons, boutique agencies, and others, DWTC is home to all kinds of businesses.

The Free Zone offers the perfect platform to reach wider regional and international markets and offers state-of-the-art infrastructure and a thriving business ecosystem to sustain all kinds of businesses. DWTC, like many of its counterparts, provides an ideal environment for for companies of all sizes including startups, SMEs, and larger corporations. To understand the most feasible licensing and leasing options for your business, reach out to Zone 4 today so our business setup advisors can guide you better.

Benefits of company formation at Dubai World Trade Center Free Zone

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Ajman Free Zone

The Ajman Free Zone (AFZ) was founded in 1988 and is one of the first Free Zones in the United Arab Emirates. It has played a pivotal role in the industrial growth of the Emirate by attracting a large number of enterprises to take advantage of its investment rights.

As a result, the Ajman Free Zone bolstered the UAE’s early commerce, manufacturing, and finance sectors. You have the chance to reap the rewards of Ajman Port, which serves over 1000 vessels annually and has turned into a critical maritime hub today, thanks to the Ajman Free Zone.

Ajman Free Zone is ideally positioned to service the eastern and western trade markets because of its strategic location at the entrance of the Arabian Gulf. With the right assistance, you can obtain the appropriate Ajman free zone licence best suited to the company’s needs.

Currently, there are over 256 industrial companies in the Ajman Free Zone, placing it third among all the Emirates and accounting for 20% of all the industrial units in the UAE. More than 65 nations import goods from Ajman. In recent years, the Ajman Free Zone has become one of the Emirates’ most sought-after business locations.

For investors, business owners, and individuals wishing to launch or grow their enterprises in the UAE, the free trade zone in Ajman provides a plethora of crucial and cost-effective advantages.

Benefits of Ajman Free Zone

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Dubai South Free Zone

As  the name suggests, Dubai South Free Zone is located towards the south of Dubai. It is a registered trademark of the Dubai Aviation City Corporation, which oversees the free zone’s licensing. In 2015, it was renamed Dubai South from Dubai World Central (“DWC”) and features a well-thought-out strategic plan that incorporates an array of districts designated for aviation, logistics, leisure, residential, exposition, commercial and the humanitarian sectors, all centered on and around the airport.

The Dubai South Free Zone is stretched across a 140-square-kilometer multifunctional region adjacent to the Jebel Ali Sea Port. A variety of business establishments are also located nearby. For the expansion of the logistics, light, aviation, and auxiliary service sectors in the United Arab Emirates, the Dubai South Free Zone serves as a key hub. The Dubai South Free Zone emblem indicates the government’s ambition to transform the residential community into a commercial powerhouse.

The Benefits of Establishing a Business in a Dubai South Zone

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RAK International Corporate Centre (RAKICC)

Ras Al Khaimah International Corporate Centre (RAKICC) is a contemporary UAE business registry that was founded in 2015. It is known for its excellent reputation for compliance and professional services and adheres to international standards and best practices. Over the years, RAKICC has become the preferred destination for the registration and incorporation of international companies.

With a GDP of $400 billion, the United Arab Emirates ranks high among the globe’s topmost emerging markets of the world. It offers a business-friendly ecosystem with global connections, cutting-edge technology and physical infrastructure, intellectual resources, and strict judicial and financial systems.

Setting up an international company in RAKICC has various advantages, including the possibility to operate as an international corporation, safeguard investments in other foreign states, hold business meetings anywhere in the globe, and incorporate a company as a compartmentalised portfolio company, and many others.

Benefits of a company setup in Ras Al Khaimah Economic Zone

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Abu Dhabi Mainland

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