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Once you’ve registered a business in the UAE, there are still several steps you need to take before you can recruit personnel, issue invoices, collect payments, and more, One of the most critical steps after establishing a company in the UAE is to apply for an establishment card.

What is an Establishment Card?

The establishment card is also known as the CEC or company establishment card and the CIC or company immigration card. Irrespective of the document’s name, it is essentially a card—roughly the size of a bank card.

that contains all the necessary details about your company such as

  • Company name
  • Card number
  • Expiration date.

The text is written in both English and Arabic, and the back of the card carries guidelines for the bearer as well as the contact details of the AMER Service. The Establishment card number is the most vital piece of information on this document.

Who Issues the UAE Establishment Card?

Before setting up your business, you need to know who is in charge of issuing this important document. Contrary to popular belief, the card is issued by the immigration authority. This may confuse business owners as they may assume that if they register their firm in a free zone, for example, then the free zone will be responsible for issuing the certificate. This is not the case. Also, business owners may have to wait anywhere from 8 to 14 days after their company is formed before the immigration department issues the UAE Establishment Card. But you don’t have to go through this cumbersome process alone. Our business advisors at Zone 4 will help you get there.

How long is the Establishment Card valid for?

Once you receive the establishment card, keep in mind that it has an expiry date and it must be renewed on time to avoid getting penalised. Regarding the card’s validity, companies setting up shop in the free zones obtain a one-year card whereas local enterprises receive a three-year card.

What is the purpose of the Establishment Card?

You may be wondering why it’s necessary to apply for a UAE establishment card for your company in the first place.

This is a crucial document that enables you to accomplish the following :

  • Request resident visas for yourself and your staff.
  • Get work authorization for your staff.
  • Process visa applications for partners and international investors.
  • Recruit foreign workers; and more.

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