Top Five Golden Visa Programs for Global Investors in 2024

Golden Visa

Nowadays, affluent classes are moving their money around the world to make more returns, secure the future of their near and dear ones gain access to more opportunities. There are plenty of ways to get residency or citizenship in another country; but Golden Visa programs are the best because of the affordable investment bandwidth. As of 2024, many countries worldwide have these Golden Visa programs, and they all offer their own special perks and benefits. let’s take a look at the top five nations offering Golden Visa programs.

Portugal’s Golden Visa program has been a big hit for a long time. The program started in 2012 and gives residency to investors who invest in the nation’s real estate, create jobs, or simply invest there. One of the best things about Portugal’s Golden Visa is that you can get to be a citizen of Portugal after living there for five years. Portugal is a great place to live and invest in Europe because it has low taxes, a good lifestyle, and easy accessibility to rest of Europe.

Greece: More people are choosing Greece’s Golden Visa, thanks to its good deal for putting money in property or business. Holders of this Visa have visa free access to several European countries. Greece is a combination of rich legacy, vibrant culture, and pleasant climate. It is an ideal destination for those looking to invest safely and at the same time, savour a great lifestyle.

Spain: Spain’s Golden Visa is already a smash hit with investors. It offers easy investment options and great lifestyles. By investing in property, big ticket deals, or business ideas, investors can live in Spain. This Visa also facilitates easy travel across Europe. It can lead to permanent residency and even citizenship. Spain is known for its sunny weather, tasty food, and deep culture, making it a magnet for investors wanting a good life in Europe.

Malta: Malta’s Individual Investor Program (IIP) is like the top-notch citizenship-by-investment program in the whole world. Maltas IIP, which started in 2013, gives citizenship to people who make substantial investments to boost Malta’s economy; it includes buying government bonds, real estate, or starting businesses. Malta’s Golden Visa lets investors get into the EU and travel to more than 180 countries without a visa. So, Malta is a great place to invest because it has a good government, people who speak English, and a tax system that’s good for business.

USA: The United States’ EB-5 Immigrant Investor Program is still a top pick for people who want to become permanent residents in the US. The EB-5 program, which started in 1990, gives green cards to investors who put a lot of money into new businesses that hire U.S. workers. The EB-5 program has had some issues with the rules, but it still gets a lot of people who want to live, work, and study in the US. The US is blessed with a robust economy, great education system and top tier healthcare framework; these are motivating factors for a lot of potential investors. No wonder, USA is still a great option for long term investors.

Golden reasons to get a Golden Visa.

Golden Visa programs are pathways to residency or citizenship for potential investors willing to discover new opportunities to secure their future. The above mentioned five Golden Visa programs from Portugal, Greece, Spain, Malta, and the United States are worth trying out. They offer various benefits and opportunities for people aiming to make investments in respective geographies. If you too are looking to migrate to Europe or obtain a fancy passport, or settle in the US, these Golden Visa programs are ideal for you.


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