Why You Should Apply for the Golden Visa

Golden Visa

Residents of the UAE can stay in the country for ten years courtesy of the highly sought-after Golden Visa. Expatriates are able to live, work, and pursue their education in this land of opportunity because to this long-term residence, which also offers a number of distinct benefits.


Investors, scientists, entrepreneurs, distinguished students, executives in the humanitarian sector, and frontline workers are among those who qualify for the Golden Visa.

A Golden Visa can be obtained without much difficulty. With Zone 4’s assistance, you can gain the right to remain and work in the UAE without having to endure lengthy wait times or rigorous eligibility requirements for this long-term residency.


  1. Extended Residency

The UAE golden visa, which was introduced in 2019, grants holders extra time to live in the country.  A normal resident visa must be renewed every two to three years, however those who have been granted a golden visa can get residency for themselves and their dependents for up to ten years.

  1. Self-sponsorship

Holders of a UAE golden visa are permitted to live, work, and study there for the duration of their visas, whether or not they find employment locally or elsewhere. Without requiring private sponsorship, the holder may work for themselves or another company (local or otherwise). The UAE golden visa, in contrast to the regular residency visa, enables holders to stay in the country indefinitely without seeking employment.

  1. Healthcare 

It was revealed in late July that holders of the UAE golden visa will be entitled to exclusive health care and insurance plans. These high-end health insurance packages will cost less than AED 2,400. The insurance policies will pay up to AED 20,000 in claims. Core Silver, Enhanced Gold, and Premier are the three levels of coverage that will be offered. These health insurance policies are available to any UAE golden visa holders and their dependents who do not currently have a health insurance plan, and they are subject to annual renewal.



Due to its 10 or five-year validity, which is sufficient for any active business investor, Dubai Golden Visa benefits enable you to carry out your commercial operations easily and at a long-term pace.

Once you have fulfilled the requirements for a Dubai Golden Visa, the Zone4 team will eventually handle the application process on your behalf so you can focus on other crucial business endeavors.

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